December 6, 2023

Akij Takaful Life Insurance Ltd. & DataFort Ltd. Signed Agreement

Akij Takaful Life Insurance Ltd. has recently signed an agreement for document storage and management services with DataFort Limited. Mr. Mohammad Alamgir Chowdhury, CEO of Akij Takaful Life Insurance and Mr. M H Khusru, Director & CEO of DataFort signed the agreement on behalf of their respective companies. Mr. Sk Shamim Uddin, honorable Chairman of Akij Takaful Insurance have also graced the ceremony.

As a fast-growing insurance company, Akij Takaful handles a high volume of documents on daily basis. The company clearly understands the importance of information security, especially when it comes to protecting clients’ data. In order to focus on providing top notch customer service, Akij has decided to streamline its document management operations, ensuring compliance with industry regulations with the help of DataFort.

DataFort is trusted by numerous organizations in Bangladesh for its international standard archive center, located at the flood-free Savar area. Its highly compliant facility has received local and international accolades from prestigious organizations such as the Bangladesh Records Management Society (BARMS).

“We are excited about the prospects that this partnership with DataFort Limited brings,” said Mohammad Alamgir Chowdhury, CEO of Akij Takaful Life Insurance Ltd. “By integrating their services into our operations, we anticipate a significant improvement in our document management processes, allowing us to provide even higher level of service to our clients.”

To emphasize the significance of Physical Record Management, DataFort’s CEO, Mr. M H Khusru, articulated, “Documents are the heart of any business and it’s critical to have the right infrastructure and technology to protect them. Individually it’s not feasible for an organization to invest so much in building a records center. That’s why we took it on our shoulders to create a safe and secured records center for all types of organizations. It’s comparable to any international archive facility in the world.”

Mr. Showkat Hossain , Head of Operations of DataFort added, “The agreement signifies a shared vision for excellence customer centric focus in business. We strive to make sure that our clients have the fastest and easiest access to their records when necessary.”

The collaboration with DataFort Limited reflects their dedication to adopting advanced solutions for enhanced operational performance.

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