October 3, 2023

Incepta Pharmaceuticals Ltd. and DataFort Limited Launch Successful BPA Go-Live

Incepta Pharmaceuticals Ltd. and DataFort Limited Launch Successful BPA Go-Live and Awareness Program for Cutting-Edge Pharmaceutical Industry

Leading pharmaceutical manufacturer, INCEPTA Pharmaceuticals, has teamed up with technology service provider, Datafort Limited, to launch Business Process Automation aimed at revolutionizing the pharmaceutical industry. The program, which kicked off this month, has already been a massive success across the different department, attracting the attention of thousands of industry professionals and enthusiasts.
The BPA go-live event, which was hosted by INCEPTA Pharmaceuticals LTD , was attended by head of different Department Alongside with Mr. Mahbubul Anam, Managing Director at Expo Group, Mr. Khusru Mahmudul Hasan , Chief Executive Officer and director at Expo Group, Mr. Abdul Muktadir, Chairman and Managing Director INCEPTA Pharmaceuticals, from INCEPTA Pharmaceuticals, influential members of the industry, and numerous pharmaceutical experts. During the event, attendees were given a firsthand look at Datafort Limited’s Business Process Automation technologies, which raised the bar for innovation and efficiency.

Speaking at the event, the CEO of INCEPTA Pharmaceuticals, said: “This successful go-live and awareness program is a testament to our shared commitment to introducing new cutting-edge technologies and solutions to the pharmaceutical industry. Our partnership with Datafort Limited has allowed us to take the lead in moving the industry forward, and we are proud”


Link – ইনসেপ্টা ও ডাটাফোর্টের মধ্যে চুক্তি সই


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