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How DataFort creates solution for Human Resources?

Unlocking HR Excellence

In today’s fast-paced business landscape, Human Resource (HR) departments play a crucial role in an organization’s success. HR teams are tasked with numerous responsibilities, from employee onboarding to managing sensitive documents, all while ensuring compliance and data security. At DataFort, we understand these challenges and have tailored a range of innovative solutions to empower HR professionals to work smarter, more efficiently, and with an increased focus on strategic initiatives.

What problems we face in HR operation?

Challenges in HR Department

Manual and paper-based processes

Manually filling out forms, tracking employee data, and processing payroll can be time-consuming and prone to mistakes, which leads to errors, delays, duplication, and waste of resources.

Poor HR service delivery

Without digital tools, HR may not be able to provide timely and accurate support to employees and managers. For example, HR may not be able to respond to queries, requests, and feedback quickly and effectively.

Lack of data and analytics

Without the right technology to collect, store, analyze, and report on relevant HR data, HRBP has very limited ability to measure performance, identify trends, and make informed decisions,

Low employee engagement and satisfaction

It's difficult to create a positive and personalized employee experience without flexible and convenient options for learning, development, communication, and collaboration.

Limited strategic role and impact

To align its function with the business goals and needs HR needs to attract, retain, and develop the best talent, foster a culture of innovation, and drive organizational change.

We Provide

Improve Employee Experiences

All HR functions, such as employee onboarding, payroll, time tracking, benefits management, performance management, and separation from the company, etc. can be integrated to streamline HR operations, reduce manual and paper-based processes, improve data quality and reporting, and enhance employee experience.

Ensure Data Security & Governance

To improve data protection, HR service delivery, foster collaboration, and ensure compliance and governance, all HR data can be store securely in one central location, supervised access to relevant stakeholders across the organization.

Streamline Talent Management

Artificial intelligence (Al) powered system that can offer recommendations and insights on future HR tasks, such as talent acquisition, learning and development, employee engagement, and retention can help align HR with the business goals and needs, as well as drive organizational change and impact.

Empower HRBP to Achieve More

Low-code development platform that can easily enable HR professionals to create and customize their own HR applications without relying on IT support or expensive add-ons, resulting in increased HR functionality, personalization, and connectivity, as well as reduced time to value and foster innovation.

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