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Secure Shredding & Recycling

Destroy your documents, not the planet.

What is Secure Shredding & Recycling

Your green initiative towards a sustainable earth.

Did you know, you can save half a tree, 210 gallons (about 794.94 L) of water, 11.5 gallons of oil and offset half a ton of Co2 emission by recycling 30 KG of paper? Paper and cardboard decompose in nature much faster than the other items on this list. Paper takes 2-6 weeks and cardboard takes around 2 months. Though they are fast to break down, they do not need to go to landfills because they are quite recyclable. Our shredding & recycling service can be your green initiative towards a sustainable earth.

Don’t burn or throw away, dispose of your legacy documents in a safe and ecofriendly way. Watch your old yet confidential documents being completely destroyed in a secure environment in front of your eyes. Since we recycle, you’ll be contributing towards saving the environment as well.

Why should you shred & recycle?

Streamlining Operations with Document Shredding Efficiency

Ironclad Data Protection

Our secure shredding services offer airtight security, reducing the risk of data breaches and ensuring compliance with data privacy regulations.

Environmental Responsibility

Join the ranks of organizations contributing to a greener planet. Our recycling practices are committed to minimizing environmental impact.


Reduce operational costs by integrating secure shredding and recycling into your sustainability strategy.

Regulatory Compliance

Stay in line with legal requirements and industry standards effortlessly, as validated by our extensive track record.

Reputation Enhancement

Showcase your commitment to data security and environmental sustainability, bolstering your reputation among stakeholders.

Peace of Mind

With Secure Shredding & Recycling, you can focus on your core business, knowing your data is secure and your environmental footprint is minimized.

Protect. Recycle. Thrive.

Paper accounts for around 26% of total waste at landfills. When paper rots, it emits methane, a greenhouse gas that is 21 times more potent than carbon dioxide. When paper is burned or composted, it emits carbon dioxide, another greenhouse gas that causes global warming.

Get Inspired

228 Tons! HSBC’s remarkable commitment to environmental sustainability

In just under 3 years, HSBC Bangladesh have recycled over 228 tons of old papers, saving more than 3800 trees, 1.6 million gallons (about twice the volume of an Olympic-size swimming pool) of water, over 87,600 gallons of oil and offsetting 3800 tons of Co2 emission. It’s the highest environmental contribution in this category by any single organization across all industries.


Secure Shredding & Recycling is a service provided by DataFort to safely dispose of sensitive and confidential documents and ensure their environmentally friendly recycling. It’s essential to protect sensitive information and contribute to sustainability by recycling.
DataFort uses advanced shredding equipment and follows strict security protocols. We provide a chain of custody process, ensuring that your documents are handled securely from collection to destruction.
Any documents containing sensitive or confidential information, such as financial records, medical records, legal documents, or proprietary business information, should be considered for secure shredding and recycling.
DataFort offers both options. We can provide on-site shredding for added convenience, or you can opt to have your documents securely transported to our facility for shredding.
The shredded materials are responsibly recycled to promote sustainability. We partner with eco-friendly recycling facilities to ensure that the shredded paper is put to good use.
DataFort is committed to compliance with all relevant data protection and privacy regulations. Our shredding process follows industry best practices to maintain compliance.
We provide a Certificate of Destruction after each shredding job, documenting the details of the shredding process for your records.
Yes, we have the capacity to handle large volumes of documents efficiently. Our services are scalable to meet your specific needs.
Yes, DataFort is committed to environmental sustainability. We ensure that all shredded materials are responsibly recycled, reducing the impact on the environment.
To get started, simply contact our team, and we will guide you through the process, including scheduling, pricing, and document collection.

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